Auditions for Oscar Wilde's British comedy

Auditions Dec. 16-17, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Red Curtain announces auditions for Oscar Wilde's beloved farce, "The Importance of Being Earnest," directed by Annie Jankovic, with performance dates of Feb 28-Mar 15, 2020.

In this farcical comedy from Oscar Wilde, Jack Worthing, a well-respected young man from the English countryside, creates an alter-ego little brother named Ernest, so he may visit London and get about without having to worry about his various responsibilities. However, he’s found out by his friend Algernon, when Jack comes to the city to propose to his girlfriend Gwendolen. Seeing a potential for tomfoolery, and curious about a young woman named Cecily living with Jack, Algernon takes on the Ernest persona himself to visit Jack’s countryside home. A play full of mistaken identities, young love, and tiny sandwiches, "The Importance of Being Earnest" is a look at what happens when we let our concern for proper image go too far, which is when the ridiculous loves to creep in.

Auditions will be held Dec 16 and 17, from 6-9pm at the Red Curtain Arts Center (9315 State Ave., Suite J in Marysville). Actors should prepare a 2-minute comedic monologue matching the style of Wilde's writings. Accents are not required at auditions. Head shots and resumes may be submitted in advance to

To reserve a time slot, visit our sign up link at and select the day and time you would like to attend.

All roles are open. Ages listed reflect the approximate ages of the characters, not necessarily of the actors who play them. Red Curtain encourages non-traditional casting, including gender-blind and color-conscious casting.

Character Breakdowns

*Jack: (M 29) A serious, romantic young man leading a double life as his own little brother, Ernest, which makes life a little more ridiculous than he’d like.

*Algernon: (M 26) A confident and trouble-making young gentleman who is cynical of Jack’s notions of love and respectability.

*Gwendolen: (F 26) A headstrong and elegant young woman who, after being told by her mother she can’t marry Jack, decides to take matters into her own hands.

*Cecily: (F 18) An imaginative and steadfast young woman who dreams of big fantastical stories outside the boring life she’s led as Jack’s ward.

*Lady Bracknell: (F 50s) A straight-laced and worldly woman, who likes things to be as she thinks they should be: good and proper. Gwendolen’s mother.

*Miss Prism: (F 50s-60s) Cecily’s tutor and a friend of the Worthing house.

*Chaucible: (M 50s-60s) The reverend of the small country town where Jack and Cecily live. Has taken a liking to Miss Prism.

*Lane/Merriman: (any age/any gender) Two servants, played by the same actor. Calm and a bit silly, these servants don’t say much, but always expressive in body language.